• 1 chickens cut section 16
• 2 stem lemon grass is contused
• 6 pieces of red onion is sliced thinly

• 1 sheet of pandan leaves
• 5 pieces of orange leaves
• 50 ml oil • 150 ml water • 1 lemon fruit

Flavor of mashed robust:

• 12 pcs red pepper
• 10 pcs red cayenne
• 7 cloves garlic
• 4 cm ginger

How to make :
  1. Saute of onion, lemon grass and pandan leaves until the onions brown. Put spices and mashed the citrus leaves, poke until fragrant.
  2. Then put the chicken swirl until the chicken changed color, add water, dimmed the fire and closed until the water rather dry while occasionally stirred poke. Lift.
  3. Add orangeade, swirl till flatten.


artofreed said...

Hmmm Rica-rica ayam... enaaaaak apalagi kalo pedes skali

makeyourscream said...

i like this ..indonesian;s

Pixell said...

Aku Cinta masakan Indonesia, Sukses Bozz.

CHONA said...

very informative. i like indonesian food.

thank you for visiting my blog.


Nur Rachmat said...

thanks dah mampir ke blog ku..

wah, jadi laper nih baca2 disini hehehe

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Villas in Bali said...

as I know after you stew the chicken must be grill to make good colour and more tasted.

Rohan said...

indonesia are rich with traditional food, and the taste are rich too.. nice artikel

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